10 Tips for Word-of-Mouth Lead Generation

Growing a small business requires hard work and ingenuity. One area that small businesses need to focus on is word of mouth. Research has shown that the majority of consumers turn to online reviews to evaluate local companies before making their purchases. Here are ten tips for using word-of-mouth successfully for lead generation.

1. Deliver Good Customer Service

One of the best ways small businesses can compete with larger businesses is by providing good customer service. While your business may not be able to offer lower prices like larger companies, you can set your company apart by providing unmatched customer service. Always treat your customers with respect and courtesy.

2. Uphold a Positive Image

To maintain a positive image, all employees need to understand that they are constantly representing the business. Even if you’re coaching your kid’s football game, how you treated other people at the game reflects negatively or positively on your business.

3. Display Testimonials

Obtaining and displaying positive testimonials is another key element to lead generation. Post helpful testimonials on your website or social media accounts.

4. Use Social Media

Word of mouth used to refer mainly to in person communication between two or more people. In today’s online world, engaging customers on various social media platforms is another effective way to generate customers.

5. Give Lessons

If your company is an expert in the field, offer to provide training or lessons on a subject of interest to your customers. While planning any classes or seminars, be sure to provide interesting, relevant and timely content.

6. Give Back to the Community

You’re probably familiar with large companies who donate a portion of their revenue to charities. They do this because it boosts their reputation. While it may not be possible for your new company to donate money, you can sit on various boards or offer your time in community service projects.

7. Get Positive Publicity

Positive publicity is another way to grow your business. Sponsor various community events or make sure to get a picture of your business donating time or money to a local charity.

8. Maintain a Clean Environment

Having a clean and orderly environment is important both physically and digitally. This means that your physical office space is clean and your online platforms are organized so that it’s easy to find and obtain information.

9. Monitor Your Online Reputation

Because of the prevalence of online reviews, it’s imperative that you monitor what people are saying about your company. Some social media applications have free tools for doing this, or you can use independent companies that assist with monitoring your online reputation.

10. Make Your Company Available

Successful lead generation also comes by making your company available. Nothing is more frustrating for a customer than poor communication. Make sure your contact information is easily accessible and always be prompt when returning emails and phone calls.

Word of mouth is an essential element for small businesses to use when growing their business. Use these tips to improve the quality of word of mouth regarding your company.

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