Consumer Finance

Invest in Consumer Financing To Build a Better Business

Consumer finance is an excellent investment for companies of all sizes because it benefits both your business and your customers. At Neal Business Funding, we offer the credit card solutions your company needs to grow in a competitive marketplace.

Benefits To Your Customers

When you offer consumer financing to your customers, you provide them with the ability to make small payments over a period of time instead of making one large payment. Other benefits offered to your customers include:

  • Easy application process
  • Revolving line of credit
  • Strong credit limits
  • Access to stable financial services

Benefits To Your Company

Consumer financing with Neal Business Funding is as beneficial for your company as it is for your customers. Not only does it encourage repeat business and establish customer loyalty, but it also helps your business collect on debts, provide thorough training, and implement E-Signature. We also provide thorough, ongoing support to help you achieve your business goals.

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Regardless of which industry your business is in, offering your customers consumer financing options can help your business flourish. Contact Neal Business Funding today to discuss your financing options and learn how to add consumer financing to your repertoire. WE can provide you with the funds you need quickly so your company can thrive.