Equipment Financing

Obtain the Right Equipment With Excellent Leasing Options

Having the right equipment is essential for your business to thrive, so Neal Business Funding offers excellent equipment leasing options to help you afford the machinery you need. From software and computers to medical equipment and heavy machinery, we provide businesses of all sizes in any industry to obtain the right equipment.

Reasons To Lease Equipment

Purchasing expensive equipment up front can quickly cut into your company’s profit. Equipment financing provides a solution to this problem by offering the following benefits.

  • Provides significant tax advantages
  • Frees up your money for other necessities
  • Allows you to pay over time
  • Helps you keep up with new technology
  • Preserves your credit

Programs We Offer

At Neal Business Funding, we offer several different programs for equipment leasing so you can find the perfect one for your business. In addition to startup programs that are dedicated to helping small business with little or no credit succeed, we also offer:

  • Federal programs: Municipal organizations such as police stations, fire houses, and libraries qualify for our leasing programs. These programs are guaranteed approval.
  • Sale & Lease-Back programs: When a company does not have a strong credit history yet needs equipment, we purchase the machinery for them and allow them to make payments to us. Once the loan amount has been repaid, the company gains full ownership of the equipment.
  • B, C and D programs: These programs allows companies that are struggling financially to obtain the equipment they need. The company makes low, ongoing payments to lease the equipment without the intent of purchasing it.

Terms for Equipment Financing

Your company may qualify for excellent loan terms with Neal Business Funding. We require little to no down payment and offer various payment structures to suit your individual needs. Companies can receive loans starting at $25,000 for equipment.

Get the Funding You Need Today!

If you need equipment financing to grow your business, contact Neal Business Funding today. We can provide you with the funds you need in as little as 24 hours so you can grow your company.

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