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Aviation - Aircraft Financing and Leasing Options

Private Jet, Corporate Aircraft or Business Helicopter?  Will an aircraft save you time and money?  For many professionals having access to your own aircraft means getting to and from business meetings quickly to spend more time with family.  Of course the appearance of your own private jet allows you to entertain business clients on a grand scale and could mean more business for you. But purchasing an aircraft or a helicopter is not like buying a car. You have to consider several financing options before filtering down to the one that suits your budget. At Neal Business Funding, we try to make the process of buying an aircraft easier through various financial options.

Financing solutions

Most people think that buying an aircraft involves a series of complicated procedures, especially when it comes to selecting a suitable financing option. Neal Business Funding wants to make those procedures easier for you. We want you to fly in your dream jet as soon as possible. That is why we have a team dedicated only to aviation finance. They specialize in aircraft financing. The members of the team will explain the different steps that you need to follow to make the aircraft an affordable purchase.


Our streamlined application process is the easiest to understand. Suppose you don’t have any experience in the mechanics of an aircraft but want to buy a specific model. Our aircraft financing team can show you your aviation financing and leasing options so that you know whether your investment will be worthwhile or not. Neal Business Funding has a plethora of options for aircraft funding solutions, such as leases, loans, and various dealer floor plans, including fixed, hybrid, and floating interest rates.


Depending on the budget of the client, we can provide up to 20-year amortization schedules that will help to maximize your cash flow. Our amortization system is based on the aircraft you want to buy, its condition, usage, and age. We have financing options for a wide range of aircraft. Neal Business Funding considers turboprops, business jets, and corporate jets aging within 20 years.

Financing structures

Neal Business Funding has three financing options that you can make the most of. All the options aim to ensure that you don’t feel pressured while paying back the money. Our aviation financing team will explain the three options in detail so that you can choose the one that suits your pocket. You can also discuss the amount of money you can pay as a down-payment. Accordingly, they can suggest the financing structure that will best suit your bank balance.

 1. Asset Based Loans

Our asset-based loans for aircraft take a non-recourse and no financial disclosure approach so that you don’t have to go through heaps of documentation. Most people who have a significant amount of cash or can amortize their assets prefer this financing option. Here are a few benefits of our asset-based loan for aircraft:


  • Application only – you don’t need to fill out tons of pages while applying for the loan. We only have a single-page application form that asks all the necessary details about the client and the aircraft he/she wants to buy.
  • Non-recourse – this loan doesn’t come with any corporate or personal guaranty options, making it a more comfortable option for those who have the cash to take the aircraft home right away. They can pay the majority of the amount using their assets and the rest in small installments.
  • No financial disclosure – this is the biggest benefit of our asset-based loan. We don’t go through credit checks or financial reviews of our clients if they opt for this financing option. Many clients prefer not to disclose their financial reports with a funding company. We are game to your preference. All we care for is your satisfaction.
  1. Credit-based loans

Neal Business Funding doesn’t limit its financing options to people who can only afford asset-based loans. We also provide credit-based loans to people who require maximum leverage. Not many people have enough money to purchase an aircraft right away. Again, buying a private jet is not like buying a car. It involves thousands of bucks, and you need a financing partner that can explain the credit-based loan process.


Our aviation financing team will talk you through the process in detail. The advantage of our credit-based loan is it can value amounts to as much as 100%. Basically, all you have to do is pay a small amount as a down-payment. We will prepare a repayment schedule that suits your budget. Our team will complete the documentation process. Once we finish everything, you can walk away with the jet right away.

  1. Leases

We also provide a variety of leasing options, such as finance leases, operating leases, synthetic leases, leaseback transactions, and tax-oriented leases. All these options have different features that our financing team will explain. You can select the one that is suitable for your repayment plan.

Why Neal Business Funding for aviation financing?

When you hire Neal Business Funding, you not only have a variety of financing, loan, and lease options, but you also work with an experienced team who will help you in every step of buying your dream aircraft. Moreover, we have various standard program features for our different financing options, such as:

  • Asset-based loans

We have options for both low and high advance for these loans. You can enjoy our hassle-free application process that doesn’t involve reviewing your past financial statements, there are no financial covenants, recourse is only limited to the aircraft, and there are no business or personal guaranties required.

  • Credit-based loans

Neal Business Funding understands your financial needs. That is why we provide flexible credit-based loan options to clients who wish to buy a private jet. We can offer 100% advance funding so that you don’t have to wait for months to bring home your dream aircraft.

Aviation Leasing and Financing Experts

Neal Business Funding understands your financial needs. That is why we provide flexible credit-based loan options to clients who wish to buy a private jet. We can offer advance funding so that you don’t have to wait for months to bring home your dream aircraft.

With so many funding options available, it is high time you consider us as your funding partner. We promise not to let you down.

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