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Why Neal Business Funding

Why should you choose Neal Business Funding to be your financing partner for Dental Equipment Financing when there are plenty of other financing companies out there? Well, our main focus is to help small businesses get the financing they need to grow their business. If you are doing something good for patients, we want to follow that path also. Our variety of loan and leasing options include:

• Competitive financing and low-interest rates

• Same day approvals

• Financing Pre-Approvals

• Simple application

• Leasing term ranging from 1 to 15 years

• Flexible repayment options

Financing options for Dental Practices

We have a variety of financing options when it comes to buying dental equipment. There is a team of financing experts waiting to help you from the moment you contact us. Some of the financing programs we can offer are as follows:

Fixed-rate financing

Lease options

Low and Zero Down Payment Options

As with most large purchases where you get tons of financing options, Neal Business Funding offers financing programs that help you buy expensive pieces of dental equipment. What do you say when a patient first enters your office? You ask them to relax as they sit on the comfortable chair. But you can’t give them any chair to sit on. Chairs for dental patients need to be laid back with a comfortable headrest. The issue, though, is, the more comfortable the chair, the more expensive is its price.

And it is not just the chair in question here. Various other dental tools, such as utility stands, operating lights, handpiece delivery units, x-ray machines, etc. all come at a high price. At Neal Business Funding, we will provide you with the best financing available to outfit your dental office.  All we care for is to fulfill your objective of providing a better dental service.

The advantage of having Neal Business Funding as your financial partner is we consider your flexibility of payment ahead. Our team will discuss in length about the amount of money you can afford upfront for the equipment you wish to purchase. Once we have a figure, we will work out a payment plan according to the amount of monthly installments that you afford.

Tax Breaks - Section 179 And Dental Equipment Purchases

One thing that many companies are failing to take advantage of is Section 179. These tax regulations present the opportunity for some significant tax relief for those who purchase new or used Dental Equipment.

Companies have the option of deducting up to $1,000,000 of the total value of any new or used Dental Equipment purchases as long as the equipment is bought and put into use before Dec 31 of each year. For bigger purchases, the allowable deduction is phased out $1 for $1 above the $2,500,000 equipment-purchase threshold.

Buyers can take advantage of 100% bonus depreciation is on qualified Dental equipment put into service on or before Dec 31 of each year.

Exploring Your Options

Neal Business Funding understands how crucial it is to use the latest equipment when it comes to dentistry. In fact, we encourage everyone to use up to date technology in any industry for that matter. Modern tools and machines help to provide accurate details about the patient. They will help to offer a better quality of service, something that patients expect from every dentist.

Apart from the wide variety of loan programs, we also provide leasing options so that you don’t have to pay a hefty down-payment right away. We have flexible terms when it comes to equipment leases. Our leasing options apply to new and pre-owned machines. To make it easier for our clients, we have a no-down-payment facility. This means you can take the equipment to your clinic without spending a nickel. Our financing experts will come up with a payment schedule after consulting with you.

Another advantage of leasing from Neal Business Funding is we allow deferred payment facilities. We understand that new dentists who want to start their new clinic may not have the capital to set up the chamber and also afford expensive pieces of equipment, tools, and machines. That is why we try to streamline your process through our excellent equipment leasing options. You can lease the machines you want and keep paying us the pre-decided amount on the specified periods.

New Dental Practice Startup Loans

In addition to leasing expensive equipment, we also provide loans to new dentists so that they can start their clinic. Starting a new dental clinic is not easy. You need to buy a plot, build the chamber, and get instruments to treat your patients. If you have always dreamed about this, we will make sure we are a part of that dream. Neal Business Funding will offer you a loan amount that can cover all the costs involved in the above process.

Neal Business Funding

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Leasing Advantages

Leasing has some accounting considerations that loans and buying outright do not. When you lease something, the cost of the equipment is an operating cost, so it will be written off against gross profit. With owned equipment there is the option to write the equipment onto your balance sheet as an asset instead.

With a team of financing experts waiting to serve you, all you need to do is get in touch with us. We promise not to let you down, especially when it involves financing and leasing dental equipment, tools, and machines. Call us today to set up an appointment so that we can work out a financing program that fits your budget.

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