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Neal Business Funding offers Equipment Financing and Equipment Leasing in Syracuse NY. We are a leading Business Financing Company in the Syracuse Area.


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Heavy Equipment Financing

Business Equipment can be financed through loans or through leasing. Both of these alternatives, that are offered by companies like Neal Business Funding, will allow your business to access the needed equipment and the method you choose will depend on your particular financial position and your ability to meet future payments, as well as the particular equipment and its use. Financing and Leasing each have their own advantages.

Truck Equipment Leasing

Equipment loans offered by companies that are into equipment financing in Syracuse NY are given for the express purpose of buying the equipment. In most cases, the equipment itself is offered as collateral to secure the loan, though this may depend on your credit rating, and your perceived ability to repay the loan. Most lending institutions will offer to finance only a major part of the cost of the equipment, between 80% and 90%, and you need to find your own finance for the balance. But not always, Equipment loans are available that will finance or lease 100% of the value. Interest rates depend on the amount of finance you arrange as a down payment, term length, your credit rating, and perceived financial strengths. There is no doubt that the cost of equipment to you finally will be greater than any outright purchase, but equipment financing allows you to make payments that are more manageable and allow you get the equipment now, and earn money with it while making the payments.