Find the Best Fix and Flip Loans Syracuse Has to Offer

Do you want to get involved in the fix and flip industry? 
You can make good money by purchasing properties that are not in the best
condition, fixing them up, and then selling them at an even higher price to
earn a decent return. Before you can begin taking the necessary steps to get
this process started, you need to have the money to purchase the investment
property. If you do not have the funds available, you can apply for one of the
best fix and flip loans Syracuse area has to offer. Neal Business Funding
offers solutions for those looking to dive right into the fix and flip industry
with ease.

Our Fix and Flip Loans Offer

Financing up to 90% for property acquisitions and rehab

Loans up to ARV of 75%

Low fixed interest rates

Revolving and non-revolving options

Terms ranging from 12 to 24 months

Available for single family, townhouses, and multifamily

Fast closings within 18 days

Hard Money Loans in Syracuse for New and Experienced Investors


Syracuse NY

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Obtain the Loan You Want and Need

Because you know that you want to invest in a home to turn
it into something amazing that you can sell, you should figure out how much
money it will cost you to purchase that property and take on the renovations.
Once you know how much you need to spend, you can apply for a loan to cover the
cost of the purchase and the repairs/upgrades that you will make. You can
request as much as $10 million or as little as $60,000. You never need to worry
about not getting the funding you need for your new project because the money
is available. In addition to receiving the exact amount of money needed to
cover these important expenses, you can enjoy the convenience of flexible terms
and low-interest rates.

Fixed interest rates are available. You would know exactly
how much you would have to pay in interest ahead of time rather than finding
out after you have already obtained the loan or having to deal with the
interest rates changing and increasing over time. You can review the terms and
specified conditions of the loan before signing paperwork and receiving the
requested amount of cash. Repayment options are available for as long as 24
months, giving you at least two years to pay off the money you have borrowed.

Start a Fix and Flip Business

If you are using the fix and flip loans Syracuse has available to get your start in the industry, you can eventually start a successful fix and flip business with the funds you are borrowing. It all starts with purchasing one property, fixing it up, and then selling it to earn a decent amount. Once you sell your first investment property, you may have the sudden urge to want to continue buying properties at lower prices and then making some major renovations to them to make them far more valuable to future buyers. Having financing to flip a house when you need it is something that could help you grow your business at a steady pace.

Pay Your Loan Back as Early as You Want

Some lending companies charge additional fees when borrowers
pay their loans off early, but Neal Business Funding does not do that. You can
pay the loan back as quickly as you would like to do so. If you have earned
your return on the investment in a matter of months, you may simply prefer
paying everything off to ensure that you no longer have to deal with any
additional debt. The company does not punish you for choosing to pay off your
loan at an earlier time.

When you are ready to get your start in the fix and flip industry, you can apply for fix and flip loans in Syracuse with Neal Business Funding. We are the premier hard money lender in Syracuse, NY.  You can request the amount you need and enjoy the convenience of fixed low-interest rates and ideal repayment terms that will give you more than enough time to pay it all back. Apply now by calling 315-699-4703 or fill out our contact form.