Fix & Flip Loans in New York

- 90% Financing of Purchase and Rehab Costs

- Max 75% ARV

- Terms up to 24 Months

- Low Fixed Interest Rates Available

- Closings as Fast as 10 Days

- No Prepayment Penalties

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Fix and Flip Funding

Do you want to get involved with the fix and flip investment market? You can make great money by buying houses that are not in the greatest condition, restoring them, then selling them with a greater price to generate a great profit on your investment. It is advisable, to make sure your initial investment property purchase will go efficiently, to have acquired the backing required prior to starting to locate properties. Should you require monetary assistance, Neal Business Funding has the capacity to provide you with one of the greatest fix and flip financial loans in the marketplace. To easily get moving in the fix and flip business, call Neal Business Funding. We provide you with the best fix and flip loans on the market.

Easily Receive The Needed Financing

Once you have chosen to invest in a house to flip, you’ll need to calculate the level of funding you will need to acquire the home and repair it. When you know what quantity of money you will need to devote, you can apply for a investment loan to pay for the cost of your purchase as well as the renovations that you will be doing. From $60,000 as high as ten million dollars, there’s definitely funding readily available for your venture.

There’s no need to stress over not being able to procure the amount of money you must have for the investment, as the money is easily available from Neal Business Funding. With reduced-rates of interest and flexible investment loan terms, our investment loan products will take care of all the funding needed to get your project established now.

Fixed Rates Of Interest are Available

By making use of a fixed interest rate finance loan it will be possible to assess exactly how much the loan is going to cost you. A fixed interest rate loan helps to ensure that you will not be having to face an rise in rates in the future. At Neal Business Funding we provide full financial loan visibility and we offer the full terms of the financial loan for analysis before signing. We also provide pay back choices as long as 24 months, offering you two years to pay off the money you’ve borrowed.

Pay Back The Loan Ahead of Time, Without Penalty

At Neal Business Funding, in contrast to our competition, we don’t have any extra fees in place for borrowers that want to settle their loan ahead of time. When your return on investment is attained, simply pay off your loan so that you’re no longer being billed interest. We don’t charge you additional fees if you are a fantastic entrepreneur.

Put Together Your Fix and Flip Firm

We make it very easy to begin a fix and flip company in New York, ┬áNew York thanks to our excellent financing services. Acquiring an investment home, remodeling it, and then reselling it for a profit is the only thing it takes to get started in the sector. Once you flip your first investment property, you could have the unanticipated urge to want to keep buying properties at reduced prices, refurbishing them, and then reselling them to earn a financial gain. Once you sell the first home, you are going to have the desire to continue the approach long-term. With lending provided by Neal Business Funding, it’s possible to continue flipping homes as long as you want to, and see your business thrive.

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