Fix & Flip Loans in Plano

- 90% Financing of Purchase and Rehab Costs

- Max 75% ARV

- Terms up to 24 Months

- Low Fixed Interest Rates Available

- Closings as Fast as 10 Days

- No Prepayment Penalties

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Fix and Flip Financial Loans

Would you like to get involved in the fix and flip investment industry? There is a lot of income to be made from getting houses at a affordable rate, restoring them, then reselling them for a financial gain. In order to begin your fix and flip enterprise, you need to be certain you will have the resources to make your first investment property acquisition. In case you require monetary assistance, Neal Business Funding is able to provide you with one of the greatest fix and flip lending options out there. For an effortless launch into the field of fixing and flipping properties, get in touch with Neal Business Funding and inquire about our loan options.

Get the Money You Need

As soon as you have discovered a place to flip, you must calculate precisely how much funding it will take to buy and refurbish it. Once you’ve derived the precise amount of money necessary for the purchase and repairs, you’re able to apply for a loan which will cover the entire project cost. Financing for fix and flip loans is available from $60,000 up to ten million dollars.

You needn’t concentrate on being unable to secure the amount of money required for your investment, because the money is well obtainable from Neal Business Funding. Not only will you be given the needed funds to cover your entire endeavor, you’ll also enjoy low rate loans with flexible terms.

Utilize Our Fixed Interest Fix and Flip Lending Products On Your Project

Before committing to any type of finance loan, you want to identify exactly what the interest is going to be and just how much interest is going to be repaid overall. Utilizing a fixed rate financial loan, you will not have to deal with rates that increase over time. Before we provide you with financing, we offer and suggest that you evaluate all the terms of the financial loan before finalizing. With as long as 24 months to pay back your loan, our fix and flip finance services are the best in the market.

Pay Your Loan Back as Soon as You'd Like

Often, financial firms demand excessive fees anytime borrowers pay their finance products down early, but Neal Business Funding will not do that. When your profits on return has been reached, simply settle your loan to make certain that you are no longer being charged interest. We do not charge you extra fees if you are an excellent investor.

Begin Your Fix and Flip Business Now

With one of our fix and flip loans, it isn’t hard to start out in the market. Start off in the field now by purchasing your first house, remodeling it, then selling it to earn a good gain. You will find that when you flip your initial property for a nice gain you will want to continue repeating the procedure again and again. Do not worry, this is actually a frequent situation and having lending from Neal Business Funding to flip a house anytime you want it is something that will help you improve your business at a constant pace.

Start Your Enterprise Right Now with Support From Neal Business Funding

Obtain a investment loan with Neal Business Funding, and get your fix and flip company up and running right now! We are a highly rated fix and flip loan provider in Plano, Texas.

Call ts today at 315-699-4703 to begin.

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