Fix & Flip Loans in Portland

- 90% Financing of Purchase and Rehab Costs

- Max 75% ARV

- Terms up to 24 Months

- Low Fixed Interest Rates Available

- Closings as Fast as 10 Days

- No Prepayment Penalties

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Fix and Flip Financial Loans

Do you find yourself thinking about getting into the fix and flip market? It is easy to produce a profit by buying houses at a reduced price, renovating them, and after that selling them for the gain. It is preferable, to guarantee your initial investment house acquisition proceeds perfectly, to have acquired the financing required before you start to locate houses. Should you not have the money available for your primary financial investment, Neal Business Funding can supply you with one of the greatest fix and flip financial products available. If you wish to jump right into the fix and flip field, Neal Business Funding supplies the best solutions currently available.

Get the Capital You Want

After you do choose a place that you would like to invest in, you really need to know exactly the amount of money it will require to purchase and remodel it. Once the project expense is fully identified, it’s possible to get a loan to fund the whole thing. Effortlessly fund your investment with financing which range from $60,000 to ten million dollars.

At Neal Business Funding we take the worry out of fix and flip lending thanks to our quickly attainable financing products. With low-rates of interest and versatile loan terms, our financial loan services covers all of the cash needed to get your undertaking started now.

We Currently Offer Fixed Interest Rate Lending Products

You should know the level of interest you need to pay out prior to investing in any type of financial loan. Utilizing a fixed rate finance loan, you do not experience interest levels that change as time passes. At Neal Business Funding we advise, and also make it possible, to analyze the terms and stipulated conditions with the investment loan prior to signing the documentation and obtaining investment funding. We also offer payment options up to 24 months, giving you two years to repay the money you have borrowed.

Pay Off Your Loan as Soon as You Want to

At Neal Business Funding, in contrast to our competition, we do not have any fees established for individuals that want to settle their loan ahead of time. In case you have attained your return on investment in only a matter of months, you should pay your loan off to make sure no more interest is being charged. We don’t charge you additional fees if you are an excellent real estate investor.

Launch a Fix and Flip Operation

When you use the fix and flip loans we have available inĀ  Portland in order to get your beginning in the industry, you have a head start in becoming a productive fix and flip real estate investor. It starts with purchasing one property, remodeling it, then selling it to earn a gain. Naturally when you sell your first house for a profit you will want to keep duplicating the procedure again and again. With financing provided by Neal Business Funding, you’ll be able to continue flipping homes for as long as you would like to, and see your enterprise grow.

Make Your Start within the Fix and Flip Market Now

When you are ready to launch your new business restoring and flipping properties in Portland, contact us. Helping Portland, Oregon fix and flip companies at the highest level.

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