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Neal Business Funding is a reputable hard money lender that has plenty of options to fit your project needs. We have a history of providing solid loans that will help you maximize your project profit. Our finance products are some of the highest rated in the industry. We provide various types of hard money loans to real estate investors and property owners in need of fast and flexible funding options. Our competitive rates, minimal fees and excellent customer service are why our clients continue to choose Neal Business Funding for their hard money lending needs.

Hard Money Loan Rates as Low as 7.99%*

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Neal Business Funding

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Advantages of Neal Business Funding Hard Money Loans:

  • Cash funding amounts ranging from $50,00 to $5 million

  • Low Down Payments

  • Fewer Borrowing Qualifications

  • Up to 90% financing available

  • Same day pre-approval available

  • Quick Closings as Fast as 10 Days

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The Five Benefits of Utilizing Hard Money Loans

1. Simple to Start: Backed by real assets, a hard money loan can be acquired for almost anyone that wants to get into real estate investments.

2. Quick Process: With the ability to close a loan in as little as seven business days, you can get your project started quickly.

3. Flexible Structure: With each deal independently evaluated, you may be able to structure a loan that meets your specific needs.

4. High Approval Rates: With the property used as collateral for the loan, approval rates increase and credit score becomes less of a factor.

5. Unconventional Projects : Hard money loans can be used for multiple types of real estate projects that most banks would not fund, such as fix and flip projects.

Hard Money Loan's For the Short Term Investor

If you own a small business, a short-term loan like a Hard Money Loan will usually be ideal. For one, they’re easier to obtain, especially versions of hard money loans like real estate renovation loans. Also, as the name implies, a short-term hard money loan has a short payback period, only lasting a little under a year at most. Meaning that you can pay it back faster and easier. Finally, you can get a good hard money loan even if your credit score isn’t the best. In fact, simply getting a hard money loan can increase your credit score. While they do have a higher interest rate historically, this is made up for with the shorter lifespan of the loan. Also, with a hard money loan, the amount of interest paid back will be significantly less than almost any type of long-term loan and finance products that are available.

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