How to Inspire a Commitment Among Employees

Any organization is only as strong as the bond it has with its employees. If they are inspired to be committed to their company’s goals and believe in its leaders, they will dedicate themselves to their part of the process. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? The complicated part is that this commitment and belief needs to be earned, and it’s up to the managers and executives to get their staff’s buy-ins. Great leaders make the following tips a part of their routine and see results because of them!

Emphasize the Big Picture

As they say in sports, “Keep your eyes on the prize!” Employees are only motivated in short bursts by quarterly revenue goals or production quotas. They need to be reminded how what they do every day contributes to your company’s mission, whatever it may be. If you produce tires, for example, your mission may be “to make the world smaller.” Everyone in the production chain understands that by performing the function of their job, they are helping people travel safely and efficiently. Having a simple, memorable mission statement hanging on posters throughout the office or factory can drive this home.

Lead Transparently

Let’s talk about individual leaders within an organization. Employees are certainly inspired by managers and executives who speak perfectly, act decisively, and get results. Believe it or not, the also relate to human beings. A leader who is transparent enough to talk about the mistakes they and the company have made on the way to their goals inspires commitment through their honesty and vulnerability. A delicate balance of confidence and humanity takes a while to master, but it is worth every second of the effort.

Recognize Initiative

Employees need to feel free to speak up and offer suggestions without fear. It’s worth occasionally smiling and nodding when hearing an idea that was tried and failed years ago. It only helps build your staff’s initiative and confidence. Usually you will gain something of value from the conversation. Occasionally, you’ll even hear an incredible idea that breaks through.

Empower Decision Making

Finally, learn to delegate some control in exchange for empowering capable employees to make certain calls themselves. This must be done fully, with the knowledge that you will support and enforce these decisions. Conversely, the decision maker is accountable for the action. If it works, great. If it fails, they must discover the remedy.

Great leaders only become that way because they inspire the people who work for them. These tips will point you in that direction.

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