How to make money in real estate with no money

How To Make Money In Real Estate With No Money

If you want to make money in real estate you don’t have to have any of your own money. That being said, the funds to invest in real estate need to come from somewhere . Borrowing the money, Seller Financing or lease options are just a few ways to purchase or take control of properties and start your real estate investing business. There are many other creative ways to make money in real estate with no money that you can take advantage of if you are willing to put in the extra effort .

There are many investors out there who are looking for someone to do all the work, they just provide the funding. There is a quote by Sol Luckman out there that goes like this, “it takes money to make money.” It does not matter whose money is being used. It only matters that the capital is being fronted.

How To Invest In Real Estate With No Money

This article is going to delve into TEN different ways to invest in real estate with no money. It is possible, and can be very lucrative.


It may or may not be a surprise, but there are a number of homes that must be sold in a short time frame. This may be due to bankruptcy or an eviction. In these scenarios, the bank will want to sell the property immediately so they can recoup some of their funds. 

These homes are often sold at a discount in order for the bank to get their funds as quickly as possible. One must really utilize negotiation in these situations. The bank wants the most money, but as quickly as possible. A negotiation can take place for both parties to win, but if it is not done in a certain matter – the bank will win the negotiation.

2.Hard/private money loans

Making money in real estate through hard money loans or private loans is very popular. Unlike most loans from traditional banks, these loans are much easier to obtain as the lenders providing them are much more flexible.

Hard money loans are generally through businesses with the intent of investing. Private money loans can be a relative or a friend who is providing the funding for this venture. 

The pros to these types of loans is that the money is easily obtained and can be spent directly on a piece of property. The cons, which are similar to most loans, are the interest rates. They can fluctuate greatly, and are relatively higher due to the situation. 

Payments for these loans are historically made on a monthly basis. Details of payment frequency, amount, and interest rate should all be discussed before the loan is started. 

3.Become an owner/occupant

Many people already own a home and want to make more of an investment into real estate. Often times it is desired to go buy a second property, when that may not be the best solution. An incredible solution may be to rent out an extra room in the house.

A few hundred dollars a month from them will go a long way. This can either contribute to pay part of the mortgage, or pay for the year trip that the family takes. They money can be used for multiple things. It is important to realize that renting out a room may be an excellent way to “invest” more into real estate. 

4.Home equity lines

If there are zero funds available for a second real estate property, home equity line may be an incredible way to go. This is basically a line of credit from your own property. Traditional banks and other financial institutions offer these products. They have different titles such as “Home Equity Line of Credit” or “Home Equity Installment Loan”

Many investors will make money on the equity of their own property, and then use it to finance a second property. This can be a rather risky investment as you are putting your own property as a liability. If this investment does not work out, then your property is going to have to pay for what happened. 

5.Seller Financing/Purchase-Money Mortgage

This method is very popular among real estate investors looking to make money in real estate with no money. Many investors may not be able to get approved through a banking institution for a traditional mortgage, so they attempt to secure funding through this method. 

A traditional mortgage has the banking extend the cash in order to provide funding for the home. A Seller financing option can be done through the seller of the property. The seller actually extends the funding to the buyer, where the buyer will make payments to the seller for the property. Closing costs are usually much lower than a bank on a deal with seller financing, making this a great deal for you the buyer. These terms should be agreed upon by both parties.

6.Lease Option

To help explain what a Lease Option is, just think of leasing a car. Monthly payments are made, and at the end of the lease – it can be bought out. 

This is investing option is very similar to a car lease. Terms are agreed upon by the buyer and the seller. Monthly payments are made to to the seller. Often times these payments are a larger amount that a normal monthly rental amount. 

These terms will assist in deciding the payment frequency, the payment amount, and most important – when these lease portion ends. Negotiation is a valid tool that can be used to discuss when the home will be bought out right. It could be a few months, it could be a few years. This way, the buyer is able to save some money for an appropriate downpayment.


As the title indicates, this option to make money in real estate with no money, provides smaller types of loans. One can find a microloan that has a very small, short-term loan with a low interest rate. Because the miniscule size of these loans, qualifying for one of them will be rather easy.

These are perfect for start-ups, small businesses, or someone looking to get into real estate for a downpayment. This can be perfect to get a microloan for a down payment for the property. They payment will then be made back in agreed upon terms.


People say that two brains are better than one, which can be the case if the team chemistry is right. Partnerships are an excellent way to make money in real estate with no money. One can be over the money, as the other one is over the property. Or it can be done where both are doing everything together. This can be done in multiple ways, but it can be very rewarding.

The goal might be to do things all by yourself, but you have to start somewhere. If it means starting with a friend, or someone with money – then it might be smart to go for it. It will only help understand the real estate market that much more.

9.Trading houses

This is done more often than you would believe. People often trade their homes for another home. They do that because they often think that the other property has a bigger potential. Whether it is cash related, or it will fit their situation more. 

A new property will be able to be acquired, and capital gains will be able to be avoided. They will be avoided because the actual sale of the property will never take place. It is a trade. This is another huge benefit of trading a house to make money in real estate with no money.

A trade can be done with a family member, a friend, or a complete random person that is looking for the exact same thing that you are in search for. There are forums out there with people looking to participate in such activities. Do some searching and you may be able to find someone in the area you would like to move to.

10.US Govt Loans

The United States Government has options for the world to get into a property on a special kind of loan, called USDA loans. These loans are available because the Department of Agriculture’s Rural Development office wants the rural areas in the United States to become more and more popular. They are willing to provide loans in order to increase the population in those areas. 

Those who qualify for these loans do need to be considered receiving low or moderate income. It is not for all people, but for a pretty big portion. 

How To Start In Real Estate With No Money

If you are not afraid of hard work, then wholesaling is going to be the fastest way to start investing in real estate with no money. You risk very little of your own money if you do it right, so it is a great way for beginners to get started investing. After you have some seed money you can move on to the more traditional methods of real estate investing like flipping houses and rental properties.

Getting started in real estate with no money is not easy but it can be done just like mentioned above. Whether you are starting out or you have experience, the same techniques and ideas will work for you either way.

That said, if you are a new real estate investor you will want to immerse yourself in reading and watching videos on every type of real estate investing possible. Flipping houses, rental properties residential or commercial are the most common ways to get started.

How To Renovate A House With No Money

To renovate a house with no money you are going to have to be pretty creative. The labor, well of course that is going to have to be done by you or generous friends & family. Although difficult, you also may find some subcontractors that will give you longer terms to get paid or they may be willing to wait until the property sells to get paid if you can make the deal worth the wait for them.

The materials will be real difficult to do with no money so you will have to find ways to buy new building materials without money coming out of your pocket. If you can buy your materials at Home Depot or Lowes they both offer 6 months no interest on purchases over $299 so you could complete your whole project before the interest even starts! Any other credit cards you have can also be used to buy materials and pay for at a later date. House accounts at some building wholesalers are also a way to get materials and pay for them at a later time so opening up accounts at these places can really help you out with cash flow shortages.

Final Thoughts

There are many different options to get into and make money in real estate with no money. Unfortunately, there is no “one size fits all” situation. Many difficult decisions will have to be made along the way. 

Money can be made in real estate. Whether you have no money to put down, or if you have millions to put down. Money can be made. It can get risky and those decisions will be difficult, but it can be done. 

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