Office Trends for Better Employee Productivity

Productivity is a big thing for businesses because it’s tied to revenue. Put simply, by enabling employees to accomplish the same tasks more quickly and effectively, you maximize your return on investment. What many business owners don’t know is that paying attention to small details around the office can have a big impact on productivity. Here are a few important office trends.

Inspirational Ambience

Believe it or not, bright colors have a huge effect on the mood of your employees. Neutral tones do look professional, but livening things up can have a great effect on productivity and passion. Tones that are energetic inspire people with ideas, infuse them with drive and help them be more creative. Make sure that your office lighting gives spaces a bright and fresh feel. Above all, give your people some room. Open spaces have a liberating effect on creative thinking, while cramped cubicles can make people dread coming to work.

Innovative Designs

Break the mold of traditional office furniture. No one said that workspaces have to be 100% functional all the time. Instead, it can pay off to have a few comfy armchairs, bean bags, coffee tables or other cozy spots where people can hang out when they need to solve a problem. Remember, productivity isn’t about churning out mindless repetition, but instead reaching goals the best way possible and overcoming obstacles quickly. Freedom can actually help more than restrictive environments. For example, you may want to try a few standing desks to see if they inspire your employees and help them collaborate more.

Smart Distribution

It’s OK to think about purpose when designing office layouts. For example, if your team has to hold many meetings during the day, make sure they have a conference room within easy reach. This improves productivity by making it easier for them to communicate and reducing needless travel time and latecomers. Another great idea is to add central gathering spaces in offices with cubicles. For example, you may have cubicles arranged around the edges and an open area in the center. This makes it easier for various employees to pop in and collaborate on projects. Never have the entrance to cubicles purposely turned away from the rest, which forces employees to jump through hoops to ask questions or work together.

Good Nutrition

Furniture isn’t the only part of a great office. Upgrading your coffee machine to a gathering area with a few healthy snacks can be a great investment. Keep juice, nuts or granola bars on hand and encourage employees to stay active by walking, standing or changing posture from time to time.

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